Girl Scout/Camp Fire - God is Love (Dios es Amor)


  • For girls and boys who are in kindergarten or first grade Girl Scouts, Camp Fire and American Heritage Girls.


  • The God Is Love program is designed to help girls and boys explore a wide range of activities to discover the presence of God in their daily lives as members of a family, a parish and the Catholic Church.

Program Steps

  • Chapter 1: GOD LOVES ALL THINGS: Appreciating that God created, cares and loves us all.

  • Chapter 2: GOD LOVES ME: To develop awareness that each of them is special, unique, and loved by God.

  • Chapter 3: I LOVE OTHERS: To help them understand that God made them to share his love with others.


  • Each Girl Scout and/or Camp Fire Member should have their own program book and a Children’s bible.

Program Completion

  • When all the lessons have been completed the application should be sent to:

Catholic Youth and Young Adult Ministry
Committee on Scouting and Camp Fire
P.O. Box 32180 
Oklahoma City, OK  73123

 It will then be submitted to the Diocesan Chaplain for final approval.


  • The emblem may be presented at a parish ceremony.

  • The youth will receive an invitation to be presented a certificate from our Archbishop at the annual Youth Recognition Ceremony held in the Archdiocese each year.

Scout's Role

  • Actively work on the activities with their parents or guardians help.

  • Keep the Religious recognitions Counselor informed of her progress.

Parent's Role

  • Actively work on the activities with their child. The participant may need your help with Bible readings and getting information.