Girl Scout/Camp Fire - The Spirit Alive Religious Recognition


  • The Spirit Alive program is designed for Catholic youth in high school grades 9 to 12 (ages 15-17) who are in the senior level of Girl Scouts or Horizon Club and Teens in Action of Camp Fire USA.


  • The Spirit Alive program assists youth in discovering how the Holy Spirit moves in their lives, calling them to greater participation in the church's ministry. 


  • Each youth should have her/his own Activity Book

  • A journal, Bible and a copy of the documents of Vatican II are necessary

Program Completion

  • When the youth has completed all steps of the book, the application form is signed by the applicant and the adult counselor.  The parent/guardian will need to send the application at the back of the book to:  Catholic Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Committee on Scouting and Camp Fire  PO Box 32180  Oklahoma City, OK  73123

  • It will then be submitted to the Diocesan Chaplain for final approval


  • The religious recognition should be presented to the youth at a parish Recognition Ceremony.  

  • Ideally, the religious certificate will be presented at the annual Youth Recognition Ceremony held in the Archdiocese each year.

Facilitator's Role

  • All facilitators need to be approved according to guidelines established by the Archdiocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting and Camp Fire

  • Church Safe Environment Curriculum guidelines must be followed

  • Facilitators should be:
    • Interested in youth and ready to be generous with time in helping others

    • Able to understand the youth's development process and therefore, able to accept them at their level

    • Open enough to listen to youth to permit them to initiate, decide, try, and even fail, of their own accord.  One who is not judgmental, but respectful of their feelings and views.

    • Flexible and creative enough to be open to changes.  One who can adapt and understand rapid and continuous modifications of youth ideas, modes, and cultures. 

    • Likeable and acceptable by the youth; not a stick in the mud!

    • Has a sense of humor, enjoys life, and can laugh at themselves and with others, especially youth.

    • Knowledgeable, understands, and agrees with all of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

    • Communicates by relating the teachings of the Catholic Church to youth.  Should be able to both speak and listen.  Should also have the ability to get others to talk.

    • Spiritually firm in their faith life and has the ability to share their faith openly and easily with youth.  Also, should be able to demonstrate, through their actions, the importance of their faith life to youth.

    • Sensitive to the youth's family situation and his personal life, particularly in regards to the teachings of the Church.

    • Observant to interpret the signals youth project about their feelings on their faith and other issues.

Scout's Role

  • As an older youth, the candidate is expected to actively share in group discussions and complete all interviews and activities

Parent's Role

  • Support and encourage their youth's participation in the program

Suggested Time Requirements

  • It is suggested that the group meet for nine to twelve sessions.  As the youth are older, two hour sessions seem to work well, and flexibility is often required in scheduling sessions and interview feed backs.


  • Assists youth in discovering how the Holy Spirit moves in their lives

  • Calls youth to greater participation in the Church's ministry