Girl Scout/Camp Fire - Family of God Religious Recognition

Elements of Catholic Tradition Covered

  • Holy Family

  • Christian family

  • Catholic Christian identity

  • Blessings & talents

  • Bible stories

  • Christian community

  • Interdependence of all creation

  • Intro to prayer

  • Forgiveness

  • Christian stewardship

  • God's unconditional love for all

  • Sacraments


  • Catholic youth ages 7-9 who are members of Camp Fire USA, Girl Scouts of the USA, or Junior Catholic Daughters


General Growth & Development Themes:

  • Intrinsic self-worth

  • Discovering the world

  • Give/receive love

  • Self-worth through helping

  • Belonging

  • Family, friends relationships

Program Objectives

To have growth in their ability to communicate and gain reassurance of love in group setting and enjoy laughing, songs, rhymes, stories, etc.  The program includes six chapters:

  1. I am special to my family

  2. I am special to God's family

  3. I belong to my family

  4. I belong to God's family

  5. I can help my family

  6. I can help God's family


  • Each child should have their own program book and it will be completed primarily by the child at home with parental support.  In addition, each child should also have a 3-ring binder and a Children's bible.

Program Completion

  • When the child has completed all steps, the application should be sent to:

Catholic Youth and Young Adult Ministry
Committee on Scouting and Camp Fire
P.O. Box 32180 
Oklahoma City, OK  73123


  • The emblem  may be presented at a diocesan or parish ceremony

  • Ideally, the religious certificate should be presented at the annual Youth Recognition Ceremony

  • Ideally, the youth will receive an invitation to be presented a certificate from Archbishop Beltran at the annual Youth Recognition Ceremony held in the Archdiocese each year.

Scout's Role

  • Actively work on the activities with your parent or guardian

Parent's Role

  • Actively work on the activities with their child, she may need your help with Bible readings and getting information

Suggested Time Requirements

  • Takes 3-4 months to complete