Cub Scout/Webelo Scouts - Parvuli Dei


  • A registered Bear or Webelos of Catholic Faith

  • Completed second grade 


  • The purpose of the Parvuli Dei (Children of God) emblem is to help young boys explore a wide range of activities in order to discover the presence of God in their daily lives as members of their families and parishes, and also to develop a good, positive self-image through the contributions they can make to the group or community

Program Objectives

  • To help the Scout of his age develop an awareness of God's love for each one of His special, unique created beings

  • To help the Scout become aware and understand his identity as an important member of this family, his community, and as a member of the Family of God

  • To continue to develop an awareness as members of the parish and the Body of Christ

  • To aid the Scout in his awareness of the responsibilities that grow out of God's love for us


  • Each Cub must have his own Activity Book

  • The book is designed for the Cub and his parent or guardian to work together

  • The Cub will be required to make a banner as part of the requirements

Program Completion

  • When the Cub completes all steps, he presents the book to his parish priest or the priest's representative and the book is reviewed with the Cub

  • After the priest or representative signs the book, the application is then sent to the diocesan chaplain for final approval


  • The emblem, knot, and card are presented at a diocesan or parish ceremony

  • Ideally, the youth will receive an invitation to be presented a certificate from Archbishop Beltran at the annual Youth Recognition Ceremony held in the Archdiocese each year.

Scout's Role

  • Actively work on the activities with his parents or guardians

  • Keep the Religious Emblems Counselor informed of his progress

Parent's Role

  • Actively work on the activities with their son; he may need your help with Bible readings and getting information

  • Keep the Religious Emblems Counselor informed of the Cub's progress

Suggested Time Requirements

  • Thirty to ninety days

  • The goal of earning a religious emblem is to help the Cub develop a personal relationship with Jesus, so it is suggested that steps be spread over several weeks; this will help the Cub understand that this is a long-term commitment, not a one-time project


  • Step 1 - God and His Creation

  • Step 2 - God Our Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and I

  • Step 3 - Jesus, Our Church, and I

  • Step 4 - Jesus, His People, and I

  • Step 5 - Children of God, Other Cub Scouts, and I