The Saint Elizabeth Anne Seaton Medal

Candidate Qualifications

The kind of person sought as a recipient of a national adult recognition should be one of excellent character and exemplary in every way. Recipients should be adults currently active with organizations served (ideally, registered members)

Awards may be given to clergy, religious, non-catholic lay men or women.  Catholic recipients should be exemplary Catholics, with the support of their parish community and their respective pastors. Non-Catholic recipients should also be supported by their congregation and clergy.



  • Has given a minimum of three years active service to youth as an adult member.
  • Participates in activities which contributes to the spiritual development of Catholic members of national organizations. retreat weekends, days of recollection, Girl Scout or Camp Fire Boys and Girls Sunday observances, etc.
  • Promotes the religious recognition programs available to Catholic members in the diocese and/or serve as a counselor.
  • Participate actively in adult spiritual motivation days.
  • Is responsible for Catholic members fulfilling their responsibility to Mass while camping.
  • Encourages the true spirit of ecumenism as well as a parochial responsibility and Catholic leadership within the organization served and contributes other service to the parish and community.

Nominations and recommendations may be made by anyone;  People who were nominated in a previous year but were not selected may be re-nominated if still eligible. 

To nominate someone, complete the Saint Elizabeth Anne Seaton Medal Award application and submit it to:


 Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
7501 NW Expressway - P.O. Box 32180
Oklahoma City , OK   73123
Phone:  (405) 721-9220 


document Saint Elizabeth Anne Seaton Medal Award - Application  (88 KB)

APPROVALS:  This nomination is to be kept CONFIDENTIAL. 

For more information, e-mail us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.