The Bronze Pelican Medal

About The Emblem:

The Bronze Pelican Award is a local recognition approved by the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting.

It may be presented to:

  • Any adult who is working in the scouting program under Catholic auspices.
  • To Catholics in Scout units not chartered by the Church.
  • To those who have made a significant contribution to Scouting in the field of Catholic relationships.
  • This award may be given to Catholic lay men and women, priests, religious or non-Catholics.

The purpose of this program is to recognize the recipients outstanding contribution to the development of Catholic youth in the program of the Boy Scouts of America.  

Recipients of the award must be exemplary adults and those recipients who are Catholic must have the approval of their respective pastors before the award is given. NOTE: Work accomplishment and dedication is the major criteria for receiving this award although a minimum of three years of service to youth and Scouting, with two years in our diocese, is required.  

Each Unit, Council and Parish is requested to submit the name of a possible candidate for the reception of this award. A candidate may be submitted by the Scout Committee in his parish, group of individuals who are active in youth affairs in the parish or by the pastor, or registered scouter.  

The Catholic Committee on Scouting for the Diocese will be permitted awards annually with emphasis on the importance of being selective, and that there be no feelings that any quota must be used every year. No honorary recognitions will be made.

 The recipients of the award are to be sought after and selected by an active committee.  This committee will be newly appointed annually by the diocesan chairman and chaplain at least 90 days before the date of the award presentation.

 Recommendations should carefully detail how the nominee meets the guidelines for selection. The Bronze Pelican recommendations are evaluated on the basis of the guidelines described below.


(Following are some examples, a combination of which might make a possible candidate for this recognition.)

  • Promotes all Religious Scouting Awards.
  • Promotes the religious observance of Scout Sunday.
  • Helps to preserve and develop Catholic chartered units.
  • Recruits Christian men and women to further the ideals of Scouting.
  • Demonstrates leadership and dedication in Scouting on the Unit, District, or Council level.
  • Works to maintain excellent cooperation with the Scout Office and its programs: e.g. District Camporee, Scout Show, Sustaining Membership.
  • Consistently maintains and interprets to the Council the Catholic attitude toward Scouting and thus becomes  responsible for having religious policies carried out to the benefit of the Catholic boys within the area.
  • Active participation in the Cub Day of Recollection, Scout Retreats, C.C.S Banquet.

To nominate someone, complete the Bronze Pelican document application (88 KB) and submit it to:

 Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
7501 NW Expressway - P.O. Box 32180
Oklahoma City , OK   73123
Phone:  (405) 721-9220


APPROVALS:  This nomination is to be kept CONFIDENTIAL.


For more information, e-mail us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.