Oklahoma City Archdiocesan Catholic Community on Scouting

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Cub Scout - Light of Christ Religious Emblem 

This emblem is given to Tiger Cub and Cub Scouts (through Wolf) for advancement in spiritual growth and religious knowledge.

Catholic Tiger and Wolves

Cub Scout/Webelo Scouts - Parvuli Dei

This is a Christian family emblem to recognize Cub Scouts and Webelo Scouts for advancement in religious knowledge and spiritual formation. With the help of parents or guardians, the boy becomes more aware of God's presence in his daily life, especially within his home and community.

Catholic Bears and Webelos

Boy Scout - Ad Altare Dei Religious Emblem

The purpose of earning the Ad Altare Dei emblem is to equip the Scout to take his place in the world as a maturing Catholic and a maturing American. With a religious emblems counselor, the boy meets requirements in eight steps covering the sacraments of initiation and the sacraments of maturity.

Roman Catholic Boy Scout
Completed 6th grade
6 months active in troop

Boy Scout - Light is Life

This recognition is designed for Boy Scouts of the Eastern Catholic Church. The content is based on the "God With Us" series of the Eastern Christian Formation Program to prepare the Scout to be an active member of his faith community, as well as his civic community.

Easter Catholic Boy Scout
Completed 6th grade
6 months active in troop
under 18 years old

Boy Scouts/Venturers - Pope Pius XII Religious Emblem

Scouts and both young men and women who are Venture Scouts are eligible for this award. Any registered Catholic youth member (male or female) of the Boy Scouts of America, who has started the 9th grade can work on and achieve the Pope Pius XII emblem.

Catholic Boy Scouts and Venturing
(boys and girls)
Started the ninth grade
under 21 years old


Archdiocesan Committee on Scouting and Camp Fire

Archdiocesan Scouting and Camp Fire

Boy Scout

Oklahoma City Archdiocesan Catholic Community on Scouting

The Oklahoma City Archdiocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting encourages Catholic youth and adult membership in Boy Scout, Girl Scout, and Camp Fire USA programs.  The Committee will encourage parishes to become sponsoring institutions for these organizations.  The Committee also promotes the Religious Awards available through these organizations as a current and viable form of youth ministry that can enhance the faith life of Catholic youth.  The Committee will encourage youth and adults to actively practice their Catholic faith in their parish church by regular attendance at Mass, participation in religious education, and youth group activities offered by their parish and the Archdiocesan Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, and through their Scouting and Camp Fire USA programs.

Girl Scouts Campfire

The National Catholic Committee on Scouting has had the responsibility for more than 55 years to promote and guide cooperative contacts between the authorities of the Catholic Church and the BSA. The Scouting program is recognized as an integral part of the total youth ministry at the diocesan level. Each archdiocese and diocese has a Catholic Committee on Scouting, and approximately 360 BSA local councils have their own committees.



Deadline to submit applications for any Religious Emblem award is
March 1st, 2019

 Mailing address:  P.O. Box 32180  Oklahoma City, OK  73123

Scout & Camp Fire Award Ceremony with Archbishop Coakley
@ the Catholic Pastoral Center April 2018.





NEW Scout Religious Books & Emblems Price List

pdf Printable List (350 KB)

  • God is Love Book (K & 1st Grade) $7.00
  • God is Love Medal & Patch  $8.25
  • Family of God Book (Grades 2-3) $5.50
  • Family of God Medal & Patch  $7.00
  • I Live My Faith Book (Grades 4-6) $5.50
  • I Live My Faith Medal & Patch $7.00
  • Mary, the First Disciple Book (Grades 7-10) $6.00
  • Mary, the First Disciple Adult Guide $6.50
  • Marian Medal & Patch $10.50
  • Spirit Alive Book (Grades 9-12) $6.00
  • Spirit Alive Adult Guide $2.00
  • Spirit Alive Medal & Patch $11.50
  • Light of Christ Book (Grades 1-2) $4.99
  • Light of Christ Emblem $12.00
  • Parvuli Dei Book (Grades 3-5) $4.99
  • Parvuli Dei Emblem $12.00
  • Ad Altare Dei Book (Grades 6-9) $5.99
  • Ad Altare Dei Emblem $13.50
  • Ad Altare Dei Guide Book $9.99
  • Pope Pius XII Book (Grades 9-12) $4.99
  • Pope Pius Emblem $13.50
  • Pope Pius XII Guide Book $14.99
  • St. George Packet $19.00




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