Sooner Catholic Communications Appeal advances evangelization, education


Each year, parishioners from around the archdiocese send in their "subscription" to the Sooner Catholic, the award-winning archdiocesan newspaper since 1974.

Even though the Sooner Catholic is technically free for all parishioners in the diocese, these yearly "subscriptions" help pay for delivery of the newspaper to those who cannot afford it, including many on a fixed income. The "subscriptions" also are vital to helping pay for printing the newspaper and mailing issues to more than 40,000 households in central and western Oklahoma. 

As evangelization and education needs have changed over the past 10 years, the archdiocese has worked to reach parishioners and other in the community with new and changing forms of communication. 

To reflect this change, this year's appeal includes other forms of communication, including Oklahoma Catholic Radio, more than a dozen social media platforms, two websites, and many other forms of communication that help Archbishop Coakley, clergy, parishes, schools, and staff members at the Catholic Pastoral Center spread the Good News of the Gospel and go make disciples!

These tools and your support, allow us to be successful in our service to programs in the archdiocese, or in mission to help the most vulnerable.

Thank you for your generosity and for your participation in bringing the love and mercy of Jesus Christ to thousands of Oklahomans. Click here to give now

Yours in Christ,

Diane M. Clay
Editor, Sooner Catholic
Director, Office of Communcations