Parent Resource Information

The following articles are meant to help parents in teaching their children about keeping themselves safe.  The more parents can talk with children about these issues, the more likely it is that our youth will become responsible users of the internet and other dangers to their safety.


Kids & Online Pornography Parent Resource Information

Teens & Internet Pornography

Internet Safety Tips

A Pastoral Response to Pornography

Online Gaming


Social Media: Why Parents Need to Look

Common Parent Questions and Answers About Abuse

Tips to Keep Your Child’s On-line Experience Safer

Did a Child Get a New Cell Phone

How to Recognize Online Grooming

Here’s what the predators are up to

Grooming Behavior

How Perpetrators Groom Children

New Family Protector App for iPhone

Talking to Kids about Porn and Human Sexuality Part 2

Talking to Kids about Porn and Human Sexuality Part 1

Top 5 Questions Parents Have About Instagram

Responsible Sharing on Instagram