Blessed Stanley Rother Guild

Fr. M. Price Oswalt talks about the Rother Guild. The purpose of the Rother Guild is to help spread the story of Fr. Rother and his cause around the world. Click here to download the form to become a member of the guild.

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Father Stanley Rother Guild: What is it and why do we need one? 

By Cara Koenig
The Sooner Catholic
Page 16, July 14, 2013

Like other such guilds around the world, the Father Stanley Rother Guild formed to advance the cause for sainthood of a person — in this case, Father Rother.

"The guild is a necessary component of the canonization process," said Father M. Price Oswalt, the director of the Father Stanley Rother Guild. "It helps unite the people of God behind the candidate. Some guilds begin well before the cause is ever opened. For example, Servant of God Father Emil Kapaun from Wichita. His guild was started after the Korean War ended. However, Kapaun’s cause did not officially open until 2007."

The purpose of the Rother Guild is three-fold: (1) to pray, (2) to tell Father Rother's story and (3) to financially support Father Rother's cause for sainthood.

The first and foremost goal of the guild is to pray for the cause of Father Rother. For the guild members to pray and to invite others to pray for Father Rother's cause is important. The call to make someone a saint proceeds from the people calling the Church to declare a person a saint. One of the most powerful ways to do that is through prayer.

The second goal is to tell Father Rother's story. The members of the guild aim to tell as many people the story of Father Rother's life, ministry and death as possible. The more peo- ple who know of him, the more people can pray. The guild spreads knowl- edge of Father Rother by using as many forms of communication as they can, including the guild website, Facebook, Twitter, parish bulletins, Sooner Catholic articles, guild Masses and presentations.

The guild also encourages others to share what they know of Father Rother — whether they acquired that knowledge through a personal relationship with Father Rother or by reading his book, coming to a Guild Mass or listening to a talk on his life and ministry. Even sharing a Facebook post or retweeting is a way to share the story of Father Rother. The guild is here to create those opportunities to share and spread the story.

The third goal of the guild is to provide financial support for the cause of canonization. There are many financial considerations when a diocese opens a cause for sainthood. Just one example is the books. Once the cause has moved along and documents can be released to the public, all the related documents are printed, bound and given to certain members of the curia. They're also made available to the public. At least 55 copies must be printed. The diocese that is home to the cause has to pay for this.

"Another important aspect is, when the person is in need of a miracle,” Father Oswalt explained “the guild serves as a place where people can write to speak of the favors they are receiving through the intercession of the candidate. We are not at this stage as yet."

If you become a member of the Rother Guild, you don't have to wash altar cloths or plan bake sales. That is all done by the Rother Guild Board, which includes: President Most Reverend Paul S. Coakley, Director Father M. Price Oswalt, Father Billy Lewis, Cara Koenig, Sheila Morgan, Edith Miranda, James Johnson, Jim and Jamie Biller, Kathy Vogt, Nancy Schudalla and Tammy Jacobs.

If you do become a member of the Rother Guild, the board asks you to pray and spread his story. Anyone and everyone can do this with or without being a member of the Rother Guild but, by becoming a member, you help to financially support the cause. To become a member, you can attend a Rother Guild event, purchase a membership through the guild website at or download a form here.