A New Address in the Digital World: www.archokc.org


The phenomenon of globalization is making the world a much smaller place for all of us. The process has accelerated exponentially through the development of digital technology and social media.  In the world of Facebook, Twitter and Web 2.0, our ability to connect with others and share information instantly has taken a quantum leap forward. Not since the invention of the printing press has human ingenuity developed a tool with such potential to affect the way we communicate. It is up to us to de-termine responsibly how we will use such a powerful tool. What will we communicate? 
Digital technology offers us a tremendous tool for evangelization.  In our time the Holy Spirit working through the Church is calling for a New Evangelization, a renewal of faith. The New Evangelization is not about technology. But it does not spurn technology. In fact, it challenges us to make use of all of the resources at our disposal to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to call people to faith and membership in his Church.
I have been eager to put this new technology and its remarkable potential at the service of the Church’s mission more effectively.  With this issue of the Sooner Catholic we are unveiling a new archdiocesan website, which will be our new presence in the digital world.  After  several  months  of preparation it is now online at www.archokc.org. Visit today, and visit often!
We will continue to publish the Sooner  Catholic  as  a  biweekly newspaper.  As a matter of fact, we have several enhancements on the horizon for the print edition of the Sooner Catholic also!
But a lot can happen in the two weeks between issues of the Sooner Catholic. The website can fill that gap by posting timely information and new developments. Since our last issue, for example, one of our own priests, Msgr. Edward J. Weisenburger, has been appointed as the 11th Bishop of Salina.
News continues to break daily on the recent HHS mandate that poses such a grave challenge to the conscience rights and the religious freedom of Catholics and members of other churches. In other words, the news breaks quickly and events unfold rapidly.  We want you to feel confident  to  click  on  www.archokc.org  in  order  to  find  the latest updates on events affecting the Church in the Archdiocese, in your parish and around the world.
We have developed this website as both a service to the archdiocesan family as well as a tool for evangelization and catechesis.   Please take time to explore it and return frequently.  Stay connected.  We will be adding features as they develop. 
May Jesus Christ be praised!