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Archbishop Paul S. Coakley

In my last two columns I wrote about the so-called “black mass” that has been scheduled at our Civic Center in Oklahoma City. I do not want to write about it again. A quick scan of the alarming threats to peace and stability around the world might make all the attention we are focusing on this “black mass” seem incredibly myopic. 

We have all seen the troubling images and heard the alarming reports. The accounts of Christians being beheaded and crucified by ISIS in Iraq are raising concerns about genocide. Christians have now been expelled from the city of Mosul in northern Iraq where they had lived peacefully for more than 1,500 years. 

The simmering kettle of unrest throughout the Middle East seems ready to boil over with unthinkable consequences. Civil war in Syria rages on. Hundreds of thousands of persons have been displaced, flooding neighboring countries with refugees and creating a humanitarian disaster in the region.


Archbishop Coakley Calls for Prayer and Penance to Avert the Planned Sacrilege

August 4, 2014
The Memorial of St. John Vianney

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

By now you are probably aware that a Satanic group has scheduled a so-called Black Mass for Sunday, September 21 at the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City. 

Even though tickets are being sold for this event as if it were merely some sort of dark entertainment, this Satanic ritual is deadly serious.  It is a blasphemous and obscene inversion of the Catholic Mass.  Using a consecrated Host obtained illicitly from a Catholic church and desecrating it in the vilest ways imaginable, the practitioners offer it in sacrifice to Satan.  This terrible sacrilege is a deliberate attack on the Catholic Mass as well as the foundational beliefs of all Christians.  It mocks Our Lord Jesus Christ, whom we Catholics believe is truly present under the form of bread and wine in the Holy Eucharist when it has been consecrated by a validly ordained priest.


Arzobispo Coakley llama a la oración y la penitencia para evitar el sacrilegio planeado

4 de agosto de 2014
Memoria de San Juan María Vianney

Queridos Hermanos y Hermanas en Cristo,

Ya probablemente saben que un grupo satánico ha programado una llamada Misa Negra para el domingo, 21 de septiembre en el Salón de Música del Centro Cívico en Oklahoma City.

A pesar de que boletos se están vendiendo para este evento como si fuera simplemente algún tipo de entretenimiento oscuro, este ritual satánico es realmente algo muy serio. Es una inversión blasfema y obscena de la Misa Católica. Usando una Hostia consagrada obtenida ilícitamente de una Iglesia Católica y profanarla en las formas más viles imaginables, los practicantes lo ofrecen en sacrificio a Satanás. Este terrible sacrilegio es un ataque deliberado a la Misa Católica, así como las creencias fundamentales de todos los cristianos. Se burla de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo, a quien los Católicos creen que está realmente presente bajo las especies del pan y el vino en la Santa Eucaristía cuando ha sido consagrada por un sacerdote válidamente ordenado.


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“Deliver us from evil. Amen.”

Recently I came across a schedule of events for the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City.   Imagine my astonishment upon reading about a ticketed “Black Mass” performance that will be presented at this public institution! 

I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt and assume that this event was scheduled without knowledge of what was going to be taking place.  The so-called Black Mass is an occult ritual normally carried out in secret among those initiated into its dark mysteries.  It is astonishing that this is being performed in such a public way and in public space.  In a Black Mass a consecrated Sacred Host, obtained by stealth from a Catholic Mass, is corrupted in a vile and sexual manner and then becomes the sacrifice of this pseudo Mass offered in homage to Satan.


"Libranos del Mal. Amén”.

Recientemente me encontré con un programa de eventos para el Teatro del Centro Cívico (Music Hall Civic Center en inglés)  en Oklahoma City. ¡Imaginen mi asombro al leer acerca de boletos para una función de una "Misa Negra", que se presentará en esta institución pública!

Estoy dispuesto a darle el beneficio de la duda y asumir que este evento estaba programado sin el conocimiento de lo que se va a llevar a cabo. La llamada Misa Negra es un ritual oculto normalmente llevado a cabo en secreto entre los iniciados en sus misterios oscuros. Es asombroso que esto se esté realizando de manera pública y en espacio público. En una Misa Negra una Sagrada Hostia consagrada, obtenida por  sigilo de una Misa Católica, es corrompida de una manera vil y sexual y luego se convierte en el sacrificio de esta falsa Misa ofrecida en homenaje a Satanás.


Thank God for our priests!

On Saturday, June 28, the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City was blessed by the ordination of five new priests to serve the people of this local Church. It has been 23 years since we have had such a large ordination class! In addition to these new priests, I recently ordained a priest at Saint Gregory’s Abbey and three transitional deacons who, God willing, will be ordained priests for the archdiocese next year. The Lord is indeed answering our prayers and fulfilling his promise by providing shepherds after the mind and heart of Christ. This is certainly an occasion of joy and thanksgiving for the Church in Oklahoma!

¡Gracias a Dios por los sacerdotes!

 (June 29, 2014)El sábado 28 de junio, la Arquidiócesis fue bendecida con la ordenación de cinco nuevos sacerdotes para servir al pueblo de esta Iglesia local. ¡Han pasado 23 años desde que hayamos tenido una clase tan grande de ordenación! Además de estos nuevos sacerdotes recientemente he ordenado un sacerdote en la Abadía de San Gregorio y tres diáconos transitorios que, si Dios quiere, serán ordenados sacerdotes para la Arquidiócesis el próximo año. El Señor está, en efecto contestando nuestras oraciones y el cumplimiento de su promesa, proporcionando pastores según la mente y el corazón de Cristo. ¡Este es sin duda un motivo de alegría y de acción de gracias para la Iglesia en Oklahoma!


Freedom to serve

Religious liberty is more than the freedom to worship, though worship is an essential expression in virtually every religious tradition.  Minimally, religious liberty certainly safeguards the freedom to worship.  But a robust religious liberty, as our Constitution enshrines it and as the Creator has inscribed it in our hearts through the natural law, is also the freedom to live out the implications of our religious faith in the public as well as the private dimensions of our lives.  As Christians we are called not only to love God, but also to love our neighbor.  Service to God requires service to our neighbor. 

For the third consecutive year, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is sponsoring a Fortnight for Freedom calling Catholics as well as other people of faith and good will to reflect upon the importance of religious freedom in our society and in our world.  The Fortnight is an opportunity to pray, to study and to advocate for religious freedom, which is being threatened not only in faraway places, but also here in the United States.


Libertad para servir

La libertad religiosa es más que la libertad de culto, aunque el culto es una expresión esencial en prácticamente todas las tradiciones religiosas. Como mínimo, la libertad religiosa, sin duda salvaguarda la libertad de culto. Pero una libertad religiosa sólida, como nuestra Constitución consagra y que el Creador ha inscrito en nuestros corazones a través de la ley natural, es también la libertad de vivir las consecuencias de nuestra fe religiosa en el público, así como las dimensiones privadas de nuestro vivir. Como cristianos estamos llamados no sólo a amar a Dios, sino también a amar a nuestro prójimo. El servicio a Dios requiere el servicio al prójimo.

Por tercer año consecutivo, la Conferencia Estadounidense de Obispos Católicos está patrocinando una Quincena por la Libertad llamando a los católicos, así como otras personas de fe y buena voluntad a reflexionar sobre la importancia de la libertad religiosa en nuestra sociedad y en nuestro mundo. La Quincena es una oportunidad para orar, estudiar y abogar por la libertad religiosa, que se ve amenazada no sólo en lugares lejanos, sino también aquí en los Estados Unidos.


Catholic Charities extends the mercy of Christ

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City has come a long way since first opening its doors in 1912 operating a small orphanage in the northwest part of the city.  Now beginning our second century of service we can take pride in these modest beginnings and the manner in which Catholic Charities has continuously adapted its services in response to the changing needs of our fellow Oklahomans.

Whether caring for orphaned and abandoned children during the Great Depression, or resettling refugees from Southeast Asia in the 1970s, or providing counseling and case management in the aftermath of the Murrah Building bombing in 1995, Catholic Charities has been on the scene to provide hope and support to Oklahomans in time of need.  More recently Catholic Charities has been an integral part of the community’s disaster response and recovery efforts following last year’s devastating tornadoes in central Oklahoma.  Our case management services with those families will continue as long as needed.