Core courses


THEO 4023 Theology and Methods of Ministry

Tuesdays, August 22-December 5, 7-10 PM, Instructor: Harry Kocurek

This course offers a foundational theology of ministry rooted in Baptism. Particular focus will be given to the role of the laity in ministry and various types of ministry will be explored. This course provides experience and formation to enable the student to learn a variety of ministerial skills.  Prerequisite: ordinarily 3 core courses


THEO 2023 Theology of Church

Thursdays, August 24-December 7, 7-10 PM, Instructor: John Warren

A Study of the nature of the Church as it has been understood through the centuries. The course begins with the New Testament, progresses through the Fathers of the Church, examines the ecclesiology of Vatican II and concludes with a study of post-Vatican II Theologies of the Church. Prerequisites: none


Elective Course


THEO 4883 The Prophets

Mondays, August 21 - December 4, 7-10 PM, Instructor: Jim Smith

This course is a study of prophecy in ancient Israel and its role in how the people of Israel understood themselves. The course explores prophetic traditions in their contexts, the great prophetic voice and their messages, and the relevance of biblical prophecy today. This course is an in-depth study of one part of the scriptures. It is ideal for continuing education or personal enrichment.




Classes are available through video-conferencing at the following locations:

Catholic Pastoral Center

7501 N.W. Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK


Prince of Peace Church

1500 Falcon Rd., Altus, OK


St. Mary Church

115 E Street SW, Ardmore, OK


St. Mary Church

1218 Knox Ave.,  Clinton, OK


St. Francis Xavier

110 N. Madison,  Enid, OK


St. Peter Church

1220 North Quinn Street, Guymon, OK


Holy Family Church

1010 N.W. 82nd St.,  Lawton, OK


St. Peter Church

2020 Oklahoma Ave.,  Woodward, OK