Black Mass OK in OKC?

According to Oklahoma City officials, they can’t intercede to stop the Sept. 21 event because doing so would violate the First Amendment rights of the event’s Satanist organizers.

OKLAHOMA CITY — A staffer at the archdiocesan offices in Oklahoma City was surfing the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall website, checking out the city-owned and city-operated facility’s upcoming events: musical after musical, a Shakespeare production, a famous folk music trio, the Black Mass of Oklahoma.

That’s where the surfing stopped, and the situation got serious. The staffer printed out information about the black mass — a devil-worshiping ritual that is an profanation of the Catholic Mass — and shared it with Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul Coakley.


“I was astonished,” said the archbishop in an interview with the Register. “Horrified.

“This is not what Oklahoma City is about; this is not what our citizens and community normally would stand for.”

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