KOCO.com: Devil worshiping group to host Black Mass amid push back from Catholic Church Leaders

July 9, 2014L OKLAHOMA CITY —The Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City is calling on the Civic Center to rescind permission for a Devil Worshiping group to host a Black Mass in the publicly funded space.

According to Civic Center Spokesperson Jennifer McClintock, the event is scheduled for Sept. 21 in the smallest venue at the historic performing hall. The 92-seat theater is in the basement.

“I’m hoping we sell out,” said Adam Daniels, the leader of the Devil Worshiping group.


Despite calls by the church to cancel the event, McClintock said the Civic Center said it is illegal to do so. “We work in the interest of content neutrality so we can’t judge shows that want to rent space here based upon the content of their production,” she told KOCO’s Erielle Reshef.

The event in September will be the fourth such gathering in the space. “The first year they had about 50 in attendance, the second year they had 12, and last year, according to our box office they had zero,” said McClintock.

Church leaders like Archbishop Paul Coakley see the Black Mass as sacrilege.

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