The Five: Quintet being ordained to the Catholic priesthood in Oklahoma represents upward trend

(June 28, 2014, by Carla Hinton) The Archdiocese of Oklahoma City will ordain five seminarians to the Roman Catholic priesthood Saturday, heralding an upswing in priestly ordinations. Archdiocesan leaders said the archdiocese hasn’t ordained that many priests at one time since 1991.

It wasn’t something all of his college fraternity brothers could understand. Christopher Brashears, 33, said his decision to join the Roman Catholic priesthood puzzled some of his buddies at Oklahoma State University when he told them his plans.

“It was a mixed bag, because some of them understood. Other guys said, ‘Why? Why would you want to do that? You won’t have a family. It will be all the time God, God, God,’” Brashears said.

The Weatherford native is one of five men who will be ordained into the priesthood on Saturday at an Archdiocese of Oklahoma City ceremony at Our Lady’s Cathedral.

Local Catholic leaders said excitement surrounding the event has reached new levels because of the number of men embarking on the spiritual journey together.

“The Five,” as they’ve been informally dubbed, represent an upward trend that local Roman Catholic leaders have prayed for.

They are: Brashears, Carson Krittenbrink, Timothy F. Ruckel, Cristobal de Loera and Linh N. Bui.

While some people on the outside looking in might see them as only a handful, the quintet of seminarians will be a veritable floodgate of new priests when compared with the one or two seminarians that have been ordained each year by the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City in the last decade or so.

At least one recent year — 2012 — the archdiocese had no one to ordain, in keeping with what was then a national downward trend in priestly ordinations.

No one is more thrilled about the change on the local horizon than the Rev. Stephen Hamilton, head of the archdiocese’s vocations office and pastor of St. Monica Catholic Church in Edmond. He said the archdiocese hasn’t ordained this many men at one time since six were ordained in 1991.

“It was probably two or three years ago that we looked ahead and realized that we had several coming up,” Hamilton said.

“We said, ‘Wow! We’ve got five! This is great!’”

And better yet, he said, is the fact that the five look to be the start of an upsurge in new priests in the archdiocese. Hamilton said three seminarians are in the “priestly pipeline” to be ordained next year.

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