Matthew Kelly preaches “Passion and Purpose”

By Judy Hilovsky
The Sooner Catholic

Matthew Kelly’s “Passion and Purpose” event drew about 4,000 people to downtown Oklahoma City to deliver a message of discovering purpose, learning new habits and gaining personal clarity. Singer, songwriter Elliot Morris provided inspirational Christian music between sessions.

“I heard Matthew about 12 years ago and I’ve really been impressed with his message. I think this is going to be a wonderful event and a wonderful follow-up to last week’s beatification ceremony. He provides a great summons to discipleship, an active engagement in the Church and a sense of mission, which is what we have been emphasizing and talking about in the archdiocese for the past few years,” Archbishop Coakley said before introducing the best-selling author.

Each attendee received a bag of Dynamic Catholic resources that included a copy of one of Kelly’s books, "The Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality" CD, an inspirational journal, the "Decision Point" workbook, a Mass journal and a pen.

Kelly encourages every Catholic to bring the Mass journal to church and ask the question written on its cover, “God, show me the one way in the Mass I can become a better version of myself this week.” 

“I want people to walk out of here tonight and say this was really helpful, practical and hopeful. The front cover of the journal that attendees receive says “People don’t do anything until they are inspired, but once they are inspired, there is almost nothing they can’t do.”

Kelly used the third session of the event as a call to action.

“Go out into your parishes, into your work place, into families, with strangers crossing your path and bring back God into the conversation because our culture is trying to exclude God from the conversation. No one is representing the God perspective, the God point of view and that’s our call.”

“The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that holiness is not possible for me. And, once we believe that lie, we are totally neutralized as Christians. Dissolve the lie. Go out tomorrow and have one holy moment. Do exactly what you think God is calling you to do in that moment. You cooperate and collaborate with God in that one moment. That’s a holy moment. Christianity is not a spectator sport. We need to go out and get out story back. It’s a great story, not without blemishes, but an incredible story nonetheless,” Kelly told the crowd.

“God uses the people who make themselves available to him. So, as you drive home tonight, I want you to think about one question, ‘How available are you to God at this time in your life?’ Before you go to bed, kneel down and pray, ‘God, I’m 100 percent available, I will do anything, show me what you want’ and then get ready.”

Judy Hilovsky is a freelance writer for the Sooner Catholic.

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