Youth and Young Adult Office aims to instill understanding of Christian discipleship

A Q-and-A with Nancy Housh, director of the Office of Youth and Young Adults

By Sooner Catholic Staff

The Youth and Young Adult Office provides extensive programming for young members of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City. That responsibility keeps the office staff hopping all year long — but the summer camp season is an especially busy one. This month, we chatted with Director Nancy Housh about upcoming plans.

SC: How did you first become involved in youth and young adult ministry?
NH: I was asked to be a chaperone on a youth trip in my parish in my late twenties and remembered all of the great experiences that I had as a teenager by being involved in youth ministry and so I wanted to "give back."  I started working in my parish as a volunteer youth minister then later as a paid youth minister.  I worked in the parish for 10 years before coming to the archdiocesan office.


SC: What is your favorite aspect of your job? 
NH: My work with youth on the retreats and the Archdiocesan Youth Board, watching the campers and counselors grow into mature faithful young adults and walking with the youth ministers on their journey.  I also love to advocate for youth ministry in the parishes.

SC: What does the Youth and Young Adult Office have planned for the spring and summer? 
NH: Our spring events are finished except for the archdiocesan gathering with the Redhawks on April 28. This spring we hosted the National Evangelization Team for three weeks, the State Catholic College Conference, a retreat for juniors and seniors in high school and the Scouting and Camp Fire Religious Awards Mass and reception. Our summer is occupied with a week of staff training followed by seven  weeks of camp.

SC: What do you hope participants gain from Youth and Young Adult programming?
NH: I hope they gain a sense of the larger Church and the fact that God is always with them in their journey, that He is always present for us and all we have to do is to be open to Him, and that they understand the need to follow Jesus as a disciple.

SC: How can those who are interested participate in these upcoming programs? 
NH: They can register for summer camp by calling (405) 721-9220 or by going to the archdiocesan website at

SC: What is the most significant challenge facing young people today? 
NH: There are so many but I believe it is to stay focused on their Catholic faith in light of all of the negative messages from society.

SC: How does the Youth and Young Adult Office help young people to meet that challenge? 
NH: We help them by inviting the participation of the youth in retreats, summer camp, conferences and by assisting the youth coordinators in their parishes and programming.