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"A Message"—pamphlet size for literature racks and welcome packets, the other for purses and pockets to give away.  This is a fast and furious summary of the Catholic story, with the Kerygma embedded in it.

Lectio Divina Resource



  • Lectio Divina Scripture Meditation card—to help people get started in
  • their personal relationship with God through meditation on his word.
  • 70+beginner scriptures, and an ancient pattern of meditation.


Examination of Conscience —based on the Ten Commandments, these durable cards help parishioners to prepare for the sacrament of reconciliation.  Includes a short catechesis on sin, and a short summary of what to say when they go to confession.








Kerygma Fridge Magnets




For Catechists

Kerygma Cards for Catechists
—Pope Francis’ summary of the core message of the Gospel, and his encouragement to say it often.





New Evangelization
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