Adult Discipleship in the Parish

Since 2014, the Office of Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship has been slowly establishing a small-group discipleship experience for adults, using materials created by Catholic Christian Outreach.  Here is an excerpt of a talk given by Angele Regnier, author of the CCO materials, explaining the strategy underlying the method.


We have created a series of videos to explain the process and to offer testimonies on its effectiveness.

The first video below, A Culture of Intentional Discipleship in the Catholic Parish, describes the process, and then offers several testimonies from people who have gone through it.  It also explains how this process is rooted in the vision established by Archbishop Paul Coakley in his pastoral letter, Go Make Disciples

The second video is entitled The Game Plan.  It situates the adult discipleship process into the context of a simple “game plan” or “roadmap” that can be useful for any parish that is trying to align its various formational ministries with the vision imparted in the pastoral letter, and in keeping with the guidance of the General Directory of Catechesis.

The other videos are more complete testimonies of participants, leaders, and pastors who have seen the effect of this process unfolding in their parish.  



Click HERE for a Theological Rationale for Evangelization Framework.


Participant Perspectives



 Leader Perspectives



Clergy Perspectives

 Deacon Norm Mejstrik Father Timothy Fuller 


One Couple


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