Micatokla- the Mission Catholica Oklahoma or Catholic Mission of Oklahoma, the name the first Oklahomans gave the parish of Saint James the Apostle to reflect its connection to the diocese of Oklahoma. Both the Diocese of Tulsa and the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City supported the mission through its 37- year existence.

Parroquia Santiago Apostol- Saint James the Apostle Parish, Santiago, Atitlan, the oldest parish in the Diocese of Solola. Founded in 1536 by the Spanish Franciscan priests. The present church was built in 1541-1547; it is believed to sit on a Mayan temple site.

Santiago Atitlan- The town in which the parish of Saint James the Apostle, and thus the Mission of Oklahoma resides. It is a small city of 40,000 including 30,000 Tzutuhil Indians and a few hundred Ladinos. It sits on the south arm of Lake Atitlan in the western highlands of Guatemala.

Tzutuhils- indigenous Indians of Guatemala, the fifth largest of 24 Mayan linguistic groups and 70,000 in number. They speak Maya-Quiche Tzutuhil and live in Santiago Atitlan/Cerro de Oro area.