Catholic Pastoral Center

The Catholic Pastoral Center provides a peaceful, friendly and enjoyable environment for our guests. We are responsible for scheduling the use of the facility for meetings and events by in-house as well as outside groups. The Maintenance Staff oversees all custodial and maintenance of the Catholic Pastoral Center along with supporting the needs of our guests. Domestic Care prepares all guest sleeping rooms and are instrumental in the care of the retired priests who live at the Catholic Pastoral Center. The Kitchen Staff prepares all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for our guests and retired priests. We provide food services to meet the needs of the Catholic Pastoral Center Staff and outside groups for meetings, banquets and other events. Console Attendant greets all guests who enter the Pastoral Center, as well as presents a tone of welcome to all who call through the central phone service.


The Catholic Pastoral Center is located at
7501 Northwest Expressway in Oklahoma City.
To make reservations call (405) 721-5651 ext 104.



Scheduling Events for Non-Profit Organizations
Retreats, Seminars, Conference, Planning Sessions, Days of Recollection 


All Conferences and Retreats, along with Special Events will be required to provide proof of insurance 15 days prior to the date of the event.