Business Office

The Business Office handles all the finances and budgeting for the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City and accounts payable, as well as payroll for the Pastoral Center.

The office consists of a business manager, David Johnson, an administrative assistant, Dorinda Kelly, an accountant, Vickie Gaglio, a payroll/accounts payable clerk, Sheila Morgan, an insurance coordinator, Shannon Schrempp and secretary, Andrea De Loera.

The business office sends semi-annual statements that show the payments it has received for the Assessments for Central Diocesan Operations (ACDO), priests retirement and all of the National Conference of Catholic Bishop’s collections. The business office issues each priest a W-2 form at the end of each year, relieving parishes of this responsibility.

Financial records are audited each year by a national auditing firm and the audit report is furnished to the entire archdiocese by publication in the Sooner Catholic newspaper.

The financial reports from the parishes are submitted annually and after computation, the Assessments for Central Diocesan Operations (ACDO) and Priests’ Retirement are submitted to each parish. The business office is responsible for collecting both assessments.

The business office is responsible for the annual budgeting of the central offices. It assists in the setting of the annual appeal goal by forecasting anticipated income and expenses. The Archdiocesan Finance Council reviews budgets and its recommendations are a great help to the archbishop as he approves each budget.

The business office administers the retirement and insurance plan for employees of the archdiocese.

The web-based database used to manage volunteer and employee applications, background checks and Safe Environment training records is monitored and supported by the business office. Assistance is available to schools and parishes that have questions concerning their database accounts, and to applicants completing applications.



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