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Archdiocese celebrates Jubilee Year of Mercy

Celebrate the Jubilee Year of Mercy - Dec. 8, 2015, through the Feast of Christ the King on Nov. 20, 2016.

On Dec. 8, Pope Francis will unseal the holy door at Saint Peter’s in Rome. 

As a visible sign of the Church’s universal communion, Pope Francis has granted permission for each cathedral to have a holy door as well as any other church that the diocesan bishop may so designate. Archbishop Coakley will formally open the holy door at The Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help on Dec. 13.

Holy Doors in the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City:

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Archbishop Coakley calls for solidarity, prayer and mercy in wake of violence

"Acts of terror like those perpetrated Friday on the innocent people of Paris have become all too frequent. They are an assault on the dignity and sanctity of all human life, and call us to stand in solidarity with the victims of this violent extremism, whether Christians, Muslims, members of religious minorities or people of no faith at all.

We strongly condemn all forms of terrorism and the inhumane attempt to breed fear and divisiveness throughout the world. As Oklahomans, we have known violence and stood with resolve in the face of hatred. 

May we continue to be a beacon of hope, of healing and reconciliation for all those who suffer. I pray that violence and hatred will never rule our hearts, but will always be overcome by mercy and forgiveness and compassion."

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Creating safe environments


On Nov. 6, the movie “Spotlight” was released in various parts of the United States. Spotlight is a movie about the Boston Globe’s 2002 articles on child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. The sexual abuse scandal was a painful reality for so many.

Today, the movie is likely to remind victims of the pain and suffering they have endured at the hands of someone they had every right to trust, a member of the Catholic priesthood. Recently, in speaking to victims of abuse Pope Francis said, “Words cannot fully express my sorrow for the abuse you suffered.”

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Archdiocesan director position

The Archdiocese of Oklahoma City is seeking a Director of Development and Stewardship.

For full job description and more information, click here.

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Archbishop Coakley shares his story of faithPodcast
by Archbishop Paul Coakley
Archbishop Paul Coakley was raised in a Catholic family. But when he went to college, his life soon went adrift. Last month, our archbishop spoke at a conference in Minnesota, where he told the very personal and compelling story of how the Lord gradually led him back. (It may take a few minutes to load.)
Date: 11/5/14
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Family Bible or a book for the family?

Archbishop Paul S. Coakley

Among the memories of my childhood home is the beautiful leather-bound family Bible. It occupied a place of prominence on the coffee table in the living room.

Ironically, the living room was not a place that we kids were ordinarily allowed to go except on special occasions. It was more for display and for guests. I would have to say that the family Bible was probably treated in much the same way. I don’t recall ever sitting down to read it. I do recall occasionally looking at the wonderful glossy pictures of scenes from the life of Jesus and from salvation history. That’s the way things were in many Catholic homes in the 1960s. But, that began to change about 50 years ago.

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¿Biblia de la familia o un libro para la familia?

Arzobispo Paul S. Coakley

 Entre los recuerdos de mi casa de infancia es la Biblia de la familia encuadernada en cuero hermoso. Ocupó un lugar de prominencia en la mesa en la sala de estar.

 Irónicamente, la sala de estar no era un lugar que nosotros, los niños, se les permitía ir normalmente, excepto en ocasiones especiales. Era para la exhibición y para los huéspedes. Yo tendría que decir que la Biblia de la familia probablemente se trató de la misma manera. No recuerdo nunca sentarse a leerlo. Yo recuerdo de vez en cuando mirando las fotos brillantes y maravillosas de escenas de la vida de Jesús y de la historia de la salvación. Esa es la manera en que las cosas eran en muchos hogares católicos en la década de 1960. Pero, eso comenzó a cambiar hace unos 50 años.

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